Be Adult Music

Strandliebe and Be Adult Music are the perfect combination for summer 2021 with the release of two EP’s, one on May 31st and the second on July 19.
The Electronic Music Project Strandliebe is very happy to work with one of the top deep house labels.
Be Adult Music invites the world’s best artists to delve deep into their music collections to create the ultimate “Be Adult” selection. Artists include Fish Go Deep, Tidy Daps, Gadi Mitrani, Evren Furtuna and many more.

Music and stories for adult people.

One challenge is discovering new talent. They come from Austria with a very special sound, prompting us to sign their first official reference. Welcome on board Strandliebe and welcome to their first release “Relax”.

“Relax”, the first EP, includes two fresh and deep tracks. Relax is a straight forward deep house track that is meditative and pleasantly quizzical. Dream, the second track, utilizes a palette of rubberised beats. Down Alarm is for those minimalist moments, where you want to scale back the noise without losing the energy. It is sunset time. A relaxed dream.

“Goldfish”, the second one, also includes two tracks. The typical Strandliebe sound is found in this continuation. The warm beats of both tracks combined with organic elements characterize the musical direction of organic house, and create a vibe that is perfect for lingering on the beach.